We’re helping users ranging in age from 15 – 80+ with cognitive impairments resulting from wide ranging causes including:

  • traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • stroke
  • Alzheimer's
  • autism

Here’s what some long-time users & their care partners have to say:


“I love my PEAT, it’s been transformative for me, and has helped me to feel like I’ve gotten a lot of my life back since I was first injured ” - Single mother with TBI from auto accident

“Once I started using PEAT, I find that I’m improving, and noticeably ” - long time PEAT user

“PEAT gives me a new sense of accomplishment when I check off tasks, subtasks and lists. I don't feel as depressed and lost throughout the day. I feel like I am more engaged with life, less stressed, organized and more productive. ” - Veteran and College student

“ I currently live every day with PEAT by my side and I do not know how I could manage my busy life without it! ” - PEAT user for 8+ years

“ I will be using PEAT for the rest of my life. ” - long time PEAT user, 35 years post-TBI


“PEAT is a great product. Mom actually got teary eyed when she talked about what a difference this has made for her son. The family is very happy about how this has worked out; and, it sounds like (the teen) uses the product all of the time! “ ” - Single mother with TBI from auto accident


“(My Client) has impaired short memory and scheduling difficulties. When I worked with him, he took the summer off to improve his skills so that he could be more successful with teaching…… Out of all of my patients, I think that PEAT is crucial to his vocational success. ” - Psychologist and therapist